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How to choose a range cooker for a Shaker style kitchen

Richard Davonport believes that matt finished range cookers look beautiful combined with painted Shaker cabinets

We asked Richard Davonport, Director at Davonport, to provide some tips on Shaker kitchens and how to choose a range cooker for a Shaker kitchen.

What is a Shaker kitchen?
In reality today it is hard to define the ‘typical’ Shaker kitchen as there is so much variation to this style. However, the design focuses on clutter-free utility, clean lines and simple, classic decoration. Cabinet doors are characterised by a plain frame with a flat centre panel, and little ornamentation, with drawer fronts that are completely plain.

The focus on utility may lead some to believe that Shaker kitchens are rather uninspiring. But the style of the modern Shaker has developed beyond its humble roots, and there’s now an excess of features to choose from. Some benefit from beautiful over-mantles and preparation island units teamed with pastel colours and solid granite surfaces which inject colour as well as practicality.

What do you need to look for when choosing a Shaker kitchen?

It is important to think about the space the kitchen is connected to. A bright, airy space will allow for darker woods such as Walnut or Cherry, but if natural light is limited it may be best to opt for a lighter wood such as Oak. The painted Shaker kitchen is often combined with timber and is popular in paler colours such as off-white and cream helping to create a simple and uncluttered feel making it ideal for rooms that lack ceiling height.

Traditional Shaker kitchens have cabinetry internals made from timber, making it easy to tie in with other furniture such as a Farmhouse table and chairs or a freestanding dresser. The accent timber used is incredibly important as this will greatly impact the overall appearance and look of the kitchen.

Choosing the right design studio is paramount. An experienced designer will have the ability to combine aesthetics with the functional requirements of your kitchen and suggest some solutions to greatly improve the space.

What is the difference between a Shaker and a Stop Chamfer kitchen?
The Stop Chamfer and Shaker kitchen are in fact similar in style. The key difference is that the Stop Chamfer provides additional detailing with the use of a feature chamfer on the internal edges of the doors. This gives a subtle shadow to the door and is a feature that can be mirrored in feature pilasters or on table legs.

How would you select a range cooker for a Shaker style kitchen?

More often than not due to their ‘country’ locations, LPG range cookers or electric range cookers are selected for a Shaker kitchen. Colour plays a big part – I like matt finished range cookers like Britannia’s graphite or Vanilla matt cookers. These look beautiful combined with painted shaker cabinets. Stainless steel range cookers are a good choice, too – especially for a more modern setting.

Do you think Shaker kitchens are a little boring or do you love them? Let us know which camp you are in by leaving a comment below!

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