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How to choose a kitchen layout that works for you

Kitchens come in all manner of shapes and sizes which makes choosing the right layout crucial to ensuring you get the most from the space available to you. Here Richard Davonport at Davonport gives us a quick run through of some of the most popular layout types.

Galley kitchensGalley kitchens

Galley kitchens tend to be the most straightforward designs of kitchen and can typically be seen in the homes of younger buyers and first-time buyers. As a result, these tend to be the smallest type of kitchens, but offer great advantages as they are incredibly functional to move around as all areas tend to be within easy reach of each other. Preparation, sink and cooking areas tend to run parallel to each other along the same wall, with the additional wall being used for storage space.


It is within these styles of kitchen that built in ovens and built in hobs tend to be most popular, as they can allow for additional space within the kitchen and also help to reinforce the seamless blend of design and functionality.


L shaped kitchens

L shaped kitchens are in actual fact the most common shaped kitchen and are distinguished by a tall oven or fridge-freezer unit at the end of the run. One of the key advantages of this style of kitchen is that they offer a lot of storage options within each of the corners of the L. As a result, these types of kitchen are suited well to family homes and can also be ideal for families with small children, as they often have enough room for breakfast and dining tables.


Built in cookers also tend to be popular within these style of kitchens, usually within large units.  However, these kitchens can accommodate range cookers if designed carefully. A 90cm range cooker could sit neatly at the end of a run.


Open plan kitchensOpen plan kitchens
Open plan kitchens are becoming incredibly popular in homes across the country, as this style of kitchen allows the entire family to come together and socialise in a room that combines a cooking and dining area as well as additional living space. The key to achieving the dream open plan kitchen is to think about the different functions within the room and to plan it in a way that each of these functions can work alongside each other.


Here, range cookers tend to be popular as the space often permits a larger cooker, such as a 110cm or 120cm model.  It also becomes important to think about cooker hoods to help alleviate any smells or smoke that may occur during cooking.


Island kitchens

An island can be incorporated into the above kitchen layout, but requires lots of space to ensure that it can be used to its best potential. The key advantage to this style of kitchen is that they provide an extra work surface and storage solution, often tailored exactly to the homeowner's tastes and requirements. For example an island can include anything from additional seating to a wine cooler or additional oven.


Similar to open plan kitchens, a suitable cooker hood becomes essential to reduce any smells from the area.


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