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How to choose a cabinet finish for your new kitchen

Should your new kitchen have wood with a natural finish or painted timber? And what about high gloss cabinets?
We asked Richard at Davonport to give us an introduction to cabinetry finishes; and to suggest the best range cooker to go with each kitchen finish.

Wood finishes
Wood is extremely versatile. It blends in with a variety of kitchen settings – from rustic to minimalist - because it is a natural finish.
Wood is also a classic choice and it appeals to most people. If you’re considering selling your house in the near future, wood is an excellent choice because it won’t go out of fashion soon.

Wood with a natural finish
All timber requires some sort of finish for protection. This finish can enhance the natural look of wood.
Natural timber can be used throughout the entire kitchen or to highlight specific areas in the design. For example, an island unit can be accentuated with a different type of wooden worktop or a different cabinet finish. The same timber can also be used in another area of a kitchen/diner to create a seamless living space.
Significant variations in the types of wood exist. Each presents different natural characteristics.
Oak, walnut and American poplar are currently the most popular. They are also the most suitable for the demands of a kitchen. You have a choice of characteristic timber - like pippy “cat’s paw” oak - or a smooth knot-free wood, such as Makassar Ebony or Zebrano. The latter has prominent dark stripes on a light background.
Stainless steel range cookers combine well with natural wood. And just like wood, stainless steel is a timeless choice. Alternatively, consider a range cooker in graphite (matt black) or gloss black if you have a relatively light wood finish like oak.

The solid engraved Walnut columns add interest throughout this Aston painted kitchen.

Wood with a painted finish
Painted kitchen cabinetry has become increasingly popular in recent years. A Shaker kitchen, for example, may have white or cream tones rather than wood in its natural form. You can have cabinets painted with the timber grain still visible or have a grain-free finish. In the latter case American poplar is the most common choice.
A variety of paint types exists. Eggshell has a relatively low gloss finish and is most common for kitchens. Eggshell paint reflects light well, making it ideal for brightening up a kitchen. Eggshell finishes work well for most wooden surfaces. They are also durable and washable (and sometimes even “scrubbable”) – so they are a good choice for your kitchen!
In terms of colour, we advise natural shades with a warm earthiness to enhance the properties of wood. These combine well with stainless, black or cream cooking appliances.
A hand painted kitchen should have a coat of acrylic lacquer to protect it from staining and to ensure your kitchen will look great for years to come.

This Davonport kitchen has a high-gloss finish - adding a modern twist.

High gloss finishes
A high gloss finish is often used in contemporary kitchen cabinets. One high gloss option is solid Acrylic cabinetry. Acrylic finishes are durable but they are only available in a limited range of colours and not in wood veneers.
A Polyester finish is more common for quality high gloss cabinetry. A Polyester finish is sprayed on and buffed to a high gloss finish - similar to a car. Polyester finishes can stand up well to the demands of any kitchen, because they are waterproof, stain resistant and hygienic.
Moreover, Polyester finishes are available in a huge variety of colours including bold shades like red, blue and greens; or you could have a high gloss veneer.
Rather than have your cabinetry in a bold colour, you could select a splash back or cooker in a bold colour and have neutral coloured cabinetry.

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