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How to Stay Ahead of Kitchen Design Trends

How to Stay Ahead of Kitchen Design Trends

7TH JUNE 2017

Kitchen design trends are continuously changing, and different coloured worktops and cooker hoods come and go every year. Known as the heart of the house, the kitchen is a place to cook, eat, drink, and chat. We’ve put together some tips on how to keep the social hub of your household up-to-date with design, and ahead of trends.    

Get online

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: Pinterest! It’s the online visual discovery tool that will allow you to be digitally creative, as well as help you design your dream kitchen. Search for trends and inspiration to keep ahead of the game, and begin to create your own trend boards.

Follow the trendsetters, the designers, and even the average pinner who has a good eye for design. Pinterest has no limits, so don’t limit yourself. Create boards for colour, for entire kitchen layouts, and for everything else – right down to the smallest features and furnishings.  

Pinterest isn’t the only online tool you can use; Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are also great platforms to stay ahead of trends.

Instagram is very similar to Pinterest, and allows for further visual inspiration, and the opportunity to follow kitchen design leaders. Once you have established the popular trendsetters, following them on a platform such as Snapchat will give you the chance to see where they get their ideas and trends from. You may even be lucky enough to see content from design conferences and exhibitions. Following on from Snapchat, YouTube can be a great way to easily watch video demonstrations, and to digest top tips on how to achieve the latest kitchen trends.

Follow fashion

Leading fashion designers are trying their hands at interior design, and guess what? They’re succeeding!

The fashion world works faster than the design world, so keeping an eye on fashion trends can really help you stay ahead. Looking out for colours, patterns, and textures, and then transforming these into your kitchen design, will guarantee to keep your kitchen trends at the top.

Location Location Location

There are many cities across the world that are known for their design expertise and constant trend setting. From Hong Kong, to Milan, to New York, these international cities are great to draw inspiration from.

By utilising the concept of location, you can monitor the design trend themes and begin to get a feel of how you want your kitchen to look. Whether it’s the textures from the architecture in Spain, or the colours from Japan, you can combine the trends from different cities – and a lot of the time it works!

Stay timeless

If your means are limited, or you’re just not interested in having to constantly update your kitchen interior, but you still want to stay on trend, use timeless decor. The tried-and-tested look of classic and traditional will mean your kitchen is always in style.

To stay ahead of the trends, adding vintage furnishings will really help to add that something extra to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Be your own trend

We have mentioned the word ‘trendsetter’ a couple of times, but have you ever thought of being the trendsetter yourself? It’s your chance to get creative and give your kitchen its own unique look. You can draw inspiration from your hobbies, heritage, and your travels. Add some quirky, one-of-a-kind furnishings to ensure that your kitchen is unique to you.

Whichever way you decide to stay ahead of kitchen trends, make sure to share your newly designed kitchens with us on Twitter and Facebook.