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How Colour Can Change Your Kitchen

How Colour Can Change Your Kitchen

11TH JULY 2017

The kitchen is often seen as the social hub of the household. It’s where you cook all of your evening meals, and it’s where your party-guests end up congregating, laughing, and chatting over good food and drinks. Designing your kitchen with a specific tone in mind – from sophisticated to relaxed – can only be achieved when matched with the perfect complementary colour. If you’re wanting to change the tone of your kitchen, but not wanting to redesign the whole thing, choosing a new colour scheme can really make a difference.

We have chosen five categories of the most popular atmospheres that people hope to achieve in the kitchen, and have matched each tone to its ideal colour partner.

Relaxed, cosy, and warm.

This kitchen persona is particularly popular during the autumn months, because it emits the feeling of warmth in the home whilst the weather outside isn’t too great.

When you think of a warm colour palette,reds, oranges, and yellows instantly come to mind. However, these shades can be seen as very bold, so it’s important to find the correct shade to ensure your kitchen guests feel relaxed. Opting for a pale shade of pink, commonly known as blossom, will add a softness to your kitchen. With a slight touch of red it will help your kitchen feel cosy and warm.

If you’re not a big fan of the colour pink, then a pale yellow will also do the trick. Resembling the sun, yellow shades send out positive vibes in your kitchen, helping to create a warm feeling. Yellow can be seen as a colour of hope, giving your kitchen that relaxing feel-good factor.

Sophisticated, sleek, and elegant.

There’s a reason most women own a little black dress, and that’s because it’s a guaranteed style winner, and this is no different with kitchens. If you’re after a sophisticated yet cool vibe to bounce from your cupboards, then the go-to white and black colour combo never disappoints.

To achieve a sleek-looking cooking room, opting for a deep shade of blue can help to emit elegance and sophistication in a timeless manner. Using neutrals such as grey and ivory can also work well when matched with stand-out pieces such as wall art.

 Modern, trendy, and contemporary.

Design trends are constantly changing, and staying on trend can be quite a hefty task, but by using splashes of colour, you can always achieve your dream contemporary kitchen. The best way to stay on-trend is to follow fashion. Many interior designers get their inspiration from fashion designers – and in fact, some fashion designers are now trying their hands at interior design.

Monochrome colours always play a dominant role within contemporary design, therefore welcoming various shades of greys, blacks, and creams will help keep your kitchen on-trend. You can use focal points of colour – such as worktops and splashback walls – to transform your social kitchen hub into a trendy, fashionable place to socialise with friends.

An important tip to note when trying to achieve this tone of kitchen is that modern kitchens rely heavily on textures too. So think wood and copper metal to help complement your contemporary colour scheme.

Fun, exciting, and quirky.

When thinking of exciting colours, your first thoughts are probably bold and eccentric palettes – and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that. Bold reds, blues, oranges, and greens will bring your kitchen to life. Bold primary colours can really help to create a dramatic kitchen statement. Orange is associated with joy and fun, so what better colour to to create a vibrant kitchen than the colour of fun itself.

If you want to add in an essence of quirkiness into your kitchen, using pattern techniques such as zig-zagging, or having a feature wall of a chalkboard will definitely bring elements excitement and quirkiness to your kitchen.

Traditional, timeless, and vintage.  

If the classic design is more your look, there are various colour matches to help you achieve that traditional feel. Pale shades of virtually any colour do well in portraying a vintage aesthetic. Olive-green is a particular favourite among traditional-look kitchens, because this colour represents wisdom, which is often associated with a timeless demeanour.  

Instead of using a bright white, opt for softer tones such as cream or beige to really capture a timeless feel. To achieve the vintage characteristics in your kitchen, the style of two-tone colours on cabinets and drawers ooze traditionality.

When choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen, it is important to ensure that your kitchen accessories and your pieces of statement furniture match the colour palette. Whichever kitchen you choose to achieve, we have a range of cookers in various colours. From black for your sophisticated look, to red for your fun kitchen, try our unique colourange service and pick your customised colour to fit perfectly in your dream kitchen.  

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