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How to bring summer into your kitchen

How to bring summer into your kitchen

3RD JUNE 2016


After a rainy, grey winter which seemed to last forever, summertime is finally upon us. As the temperature begins to heat up, it’s time to open the windows and let the sunshine into your kitchen.

We’ve come up with these six easy ways to add a summer touch to your kitchen, without having to completely redecorate:

Declutter your space

It’s easy to accumulate appliances like slow cookers and baking trays in the cold winter months, but summer is all about being clean and fresh. Put away all the things you don’t use on a daily basis and create space. By simply storing away a few items you will make your kitchen seem bigger and more inviting.

You can now use this extra space to make salads, cocktails, and BBQ prep for any guests you may have.

Brighten up your kitchen with fresh fruit

The bright summer days are the perfect time to visit a local farmer's market and pick up all kinds of fresh and seasonal produce. As well as being great for cooking, certain items can be used for eye-catching decorations.

Bring a splash of colour into your kitchen by putting lemons in a soft blue bowl, or displaying green apples in a lilac one. Contrasting the strong colours of the fruit against softer tones will brighten up any kitchen, and it’s a really cheap and fun way to add some colour to the room. Plus, putting it in a visible spot will be a great reminder to get your five a day!

Spruce up the room with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can bring a touch of nature to your kitchen, and nothing says summer quite like a bunch of daisies, tulips or marigolds in a clear glass vase. Now that supermarkets sell good quality flowers for low prices, you can choose to bring a different look to your kitchen each week.

If you have a garden, windowsill or even a small hanging basket, summer is the perfect time to grow your favorite seasonal flowers. You could even see if there is anywhere near you where you can pick your own flowers. This way, you and your family can head out in the warm summer weather for a day out and you’ll have a flower arrangement that will be completely unique at the end of it.

There’s an added bonus of health benefits by having  flowers around your home. Research has linked indoor flowers with positive wellbeing, and reports have shown that people became less tired, less anxious and more positive when they were surrounded by indoor plants.

Give old furniture a makeover

Bringing new life to old furniture is an easy way to give your kitchen an updated look without the cost of redecorating. From updating your dining table chairs to sprucing up simple wooden utensils, adding bright colours to your kitchen can bring it back to life.

Use chalk paint to brighten up your dining set, or if you're feeling more daring you could paint each chair a different complementary colour. If you don’t fancy making that big a commitment, you can paint the tips of your utensils to match the colour scheme of your kitchen, which is a quick and simple way of making your home feel that little bit more summery.

Set up a kitchen bar

If you’re throwing a summer party and have a spare countertop, why not bring a bit of summer glamour into your kitchen and create your own bar.

Decanter your spirits into coloured glass bottles (you can get them fairly cheap from any hardware shop - but don’t forget to label them), add some fairy lights, glasses and a big punch bowl. If you like how it looks, you can keep it as a permanent feature throughout the whole summer!

Grow your own herbs

Having fresh herbs in the summer won’t just look great in your kitchen, but will add freshness to your meals.  Whether you choose to hang them on the wall in a creative display or plant a few pots and place them on your windowsill, fresh herbs are a great way to add a summery smell and feel to your kitchen.

If you’re throwing parties that last well into the night, hosting friends for dinner or keeping the kids entertained throughout the holidays, with these tips you can make sure your kitchen is as warm and welcoming as possible!

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