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Halting home depreciation: is the kitchen the key?

Halting home depreciation: is the kitchen the key?


From the second a home is built it starts to depreciate in value. Although a depressing thought at first, it’s comforting to know that there are many steps you can take to slow down or even halt this from happening.

One of the most powerful and effective ways of doing this is maintaining an up-to-date kitchen. This is because the technology used in kitchen appliances is constantly changing and updating – so a house which contains the most modern and relevant equipment has a considerable edge over one with outdated appliances.

This doesn’t necessarily mean ripping out your entire kitchen and replacing it with an entirely new suite. Even just replacing a cooker or fridge can raise the overall value of a house significantly. Although it is tempting to go for a budget option, it’s worth bearing in mind that investing in a premium appliance will have a much greater effect on the value of your property.

It isn’t all about how much you pay though; think about the technology that’s used in each appliance. For example if you were to consider upgrading your range cooker, there are a number of options available to you depending on what it’s going to be used for. For instance if you have a family-sized home with a cooker that includes an induction hob and child-safe doors, this is going to be far more suited to the demographic of someone viewing your home.

Alternatively if you’re living in a spacious home and are likely to be entertaining a number of guests for dinner parties, then consider opting for a range cooker that includes warming drawers and additional space for more dishes. Not only will you get to benefit from the more bespoke service, you’ll also be appealing to what future occupants may be looking for (which could tip the scales on their decision to buy).

So whether you’re thinking about revamping your kitchen for reselling purposes or just to give it a refresh, it’s always worth bearing in mind the effect that your purchases will have on the value of your property. 

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