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Get The Most Out Of Entertaining With A Britannia Range Cooker

23RD MARCH 2011
Whether entertaining a group of friends or cooking a Sunday roast for the family, the size of your ovens are vital to enable cooking to be a perfect pleasure!

Britannia range cookers come with a variety of oven sizes. The largest being 90cm; which feature as either the main oven on our 150cm Sigma and Classic range cookers or are available as a single oven.

These large ovens have a capacity of 78.6 litres over three levels, which is enough to fit two large roasting tins – perfect for when the oven is packed full of crisp roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

The next biggest size is 60cm, which appear as either the second oven on our 150cm range cookers, or the main oven on our 110cm, 100cm and 90cm twin models. In fact our 120cm range cookers house two symmetrical 60cm ovens! These hold an impressive 53.4 litres and like our 90cm ovens, also feature nine cooking functions including; the true fan – for batch baking with the same temperature on different levels, which is great for fairy cakes. The fan assisted grill uses the grill element to brown foods whilst the fan motor circulates the hot air, ideal for finishing off a gratin for a crispy, brown top.

Certain Britannia range cookers also feature either 40cm or 30cm ovens, depending upon their width. These ovens have a capacity of 43.7 litres or 30.8 litres respectively (which is deep enough to fit a roasting tin) and feature four functions (traditional grilling, bottom element only, conventional cooking and top element only) along with a rotisserie for spit-roasting chicken, game, duck or any boneless joint – an impressive way to entertain friends with a simple roast. With the exception of 120cm range cookers, all Britannia range cookers feature a rotisserie.

Our cooking instructions are simple: Enjoy!

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