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Britannia Chef Top Hotplate for summer BBQs whatever the weather

30TH MARCH 2010

After two summers of dreadful weather, the optimists out there are predicting that this year really will be a ‘BBQ summer’.

The good news is, whatever the weather, you can still plan your summer soirees in advance as Britannia’s versatile Chef Top hotplate means that even if it’s pouring down outside - you can hold your very own ‘indoor BBQ’.

The unique Chef Top feature is an ingenious option available on many of Britannia’s range cookers and is incorporated into the hotplate alongside the gas burners. Similar in principle to the Japanese Teppan Yaki, it offers a far healthier alternative to traditional frying and with its sleek, professional look also adds a real touch of wow factor to the hob.

As lighter evenings are enjoyed with friends, so are the fresh flavours of lighter, healthier meals, and the fact that the Chef Top uses just a minimal amount of oil means that it’s perfect for creating delicious and nutritious meals. With no risk of flavour transfer, it allows two dishes to be cooked at once – saving precious time to socialise with your guests.

The Chef Top has also been designed for easy-clean and maintenance, which means you can whip up a tasty stir fry, succulent steak or even a seared salmon safe in the knowledge that your metal utensils won’t damage the scratch resistant stainless steel; and that you can soon have it gleaming again with just water, a little detergent and a scourer.

The Britannia Chef Top is available as an option on all Sigma, Dynasty, Classic and L Line range cookers, and also comes with a convenient conversion kit allowing you to temporarily replace a pan support for an extra elongated burner should your meal require it. The starting price for a Chef Top model is around £2,899 for an L Line 90cm range cooker.

For further information, please contact Britannia on 0800 073 1003 or visit

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