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Freestanding Cookers

1ST JULY 2010

Range cookers, or freestanding cookers as they may be called, are becoming ever more welcome in the modern and contemporary kitchen designs of today.
Freestanding cookers are slot-in cookers with the hob and at least one oven included, which fit easily between kitchen cupboard units. The original understanding of a freestanding cooker was a 60cm to 80cm slot-in cooker usually with a single oven in either all gas or all electric, and these were often included in very modern kitchens.  Range cookers were considered to be the more traditional, larger slot-in cookers from 90cm upwards often including two ovens and these originated from solid fuel stoves.
The differentiation between the two categories has since become less clear, and the term freestanding now seems to relate to any slot-in cooker between 60cm and 150cm.  Range cookers, however, tend to offer greater flexibility and cooking functions and are no longer considered the traditional option.

There are many benefits to these types of cookers compared to built-in appliances.  Britannia cookers are invariably statement pieces of the kitchen, can be dual fuel or all-electric, they are easy to install, are height-adjustable to match cabinets up to 96cm and convenient to move to a new property. The insulation levels of the Britannia cookers means that only 2.5mm clearance is required on either side.
Henneke Duistermaat, Sales and Marketing Director at Britannia comments, “It has become clearer over the years, that the search terms of ‘freestanding cookers’ and ‘range cookers’ are interchangeable; searchers are no longer distinguishing between the two types.  This shows how range cookers are no longer seen as the traditional style cooker, which is only at home in the stereotypical farmhouse kitchen.  This change can probably be attributed to the new contemporary designs and colour options available. Our Sigma Editions collection offers a range of on-trend colours and our bespoke Colourange service allows the customer carte blanche.  Choices such as these allow the range cooker to take on a new ‘younger’ identity so that it sits happily in very modern kitchens.”

Starting at 90cm wide, Britannia free standing cookers incorporate single or twin multifunction ovens, with gas or electric hob options. A selection of contemporary and traditional designs are available, to suit any kitchen style.

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