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Do you struggle to select the right double oven range cooker?

19TH AUGUST 2011

Here are four essential questions that you should answer before deciding which double oven range cooker to buy.

1. How large do you want your second oven to be?
How much cooking do you want to do in your second oven? If possible, go for a true 100cm range cooker (or an even larger range cooker). What we mean by “true 100cm range cookers” is that some 100cm range cookers are actually 90cm cookers with pilasters at the side. You don’t win much in oven space by trading up to such a 100cm range cooker. A true 100cm range cooker will have a much larger second oven. The second oven of a 100cm Britannia range cooker, for instance, is 40% larger than the second oven of a 90cm Britannia range cooker.

2. Would you like to have two fan ovens?
There is not much choice in the market if you want to have two fan ovens. Britannia 120cm range cookers feature two multifunctional ovens. These ovens feature fan cooking as well as conventional cooking (without fan).

3. Do you like chicken?
If you do, then consider having a range cooker with a rotisserie. Cooking a chicken with a rotisserie is easy and the meat will be perfectly succulent. Have a look at our rotisserie demonstration video:

It’s not just chicken that you can cook with a rotisserie. Game, duck or leg of pork can all be cooked to perfection! All Britannia range cookers (excluding 90cm single oven range cookers and 120cm range cookers) feature a rotisserie.

4. Would you like a separate grill compartment?
Are you looking for two ovens plus a separate grill compartment? Then have a look at Britannia’s XG collection.
A lot of range cooker ovens feature integrated grills in the oven (all Britannia ovens do). This means that you can grill in one oven while you cook something in the other oven.
Have you thought about the Chef Top? The Chef Top is a stainless steel hotplate – anything you would grill can be cooked on the Chef Top (and also anything you would prepare in a wok or frying pan!). You can even cook your full breakfast on it and make toast! Integrated grills, a separate grill compartment of the Chef Top? There are a lot of options for grilling your food. The choice is up to you.

There is a lot to consider when selecting a double oven range cooker. In summary:
- If you have enough space, go for a real 100cm range cooker – the second oven is 40% bigger than the second oven of a 90cm Britannia
- If you are after two multi-functional ovens, then choose a 120cm Britannia range cooker
- If you’d like a separate grill compartment, then have a look at the Britannia 100XG or 110XG range cooker
- For a rotisserie, you can choose any Britannia double oven range cooker, excluding the 120cm

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