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Do you know these 8 essential facts about Britannia range cookers?

Do you know these 8 essential facts about Britannia range cookers?

22ND JULY 2011
Each Chef Top cooker comes with pan supports so you can convert the Chef Top into a fish burner.


Here are 8 important features, options and specifications that you might not know about yet. We assume that by the time you are reading this post, you have browsed our website. You have seen that there are a variety of styles, fuel types, colours and sizes available. You may have checked our oven functions. In this blo g post we are not going to discuss all these basics. These are the points that you might have missed: 1. Quickstart Thanks to Quickstart all Britannia 60cm ovens reach a temperature of 200°C in just 6 minutes! That’s about three times faster than most conventional ovens. 2. Chef Top conversion kit If you buy a Britannia range cooker with a Chef Top, then you receive a conversion kit free of charge! The conversion kit comprises two pan supports, so you can convert your Chef Top to an extra burner (this is an elongated burner) – ideal for cooking salmon or other fish in a fish kettle. 3. Plinth kits You do not like the freestanding look of most of our range cookers? If you prefer to hide the legs, then plinth kits are available in matching colours and sizes. Please note that these are not suitable for extra high legs. 4. Grilling The range cookers of our XG collection have a separate grill compartment, but did you know each of our ovens feature an integrated grill? 5. Extra high legs All range cookers (excluding the XG collection) have height adjustable legs to fit kitchen furniture of 90-91cm high. As some specialist kitchen furniture can be taller than that, we have extra high legs available to suit heights up to 100cm. 6. LPG All our gas hobs are convertible to LPG. Because our ovens are electric, a bottle of gas will last quite a while. Click here to find out more about LPG range cookers. 7. Oven lights Do you think oven lights come as standard for all range cooker ovens? This is not the case! But don’t worry, all Britannia ovens do come with an oven light as standard. 8. 2.5mm gaps Britannia range cookers are well insulated and you only need to leave a 2.5mm gap either side of the range cooker. Bonus tip: Colourange If you haven’t found a range cooker in the colour you’d like, then Colourange could be for you. We can custom-finish our range cookers in any colour you can dream of. Click here for more details about Colourange.

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