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Design tips for smaller kitchens

from Davonport Kitchens

Would you like the perfect kitchen, with room to house all your gadgets and appliances, while looking stylish and spacious? What happens if your kitchen is too small to become an inviting space at the heart of the home? Richard from Davonport Kitchens offers advice on what you should consider when designing a small kitchen.


There are many space saving storage solutions available for smaller kitchens, and designing your own kitchen can give you the control to put exactly what you need, where you need it. A handmade kitchen allows you to use the space as well as you can imagine without wishing you had deeper drawers or taller cupboards.


You need to consider all of the space available. Most people choose horizontal cupboards, but when space is tight, vertical cupboards can maximise available storage space. Taller cabinets offer extra inches, while open shelves will fit pleasingly into any gaps between cabinets; creating an illusion of space.


You might think that your kitchen is too small for any seating, but a breakfast bar with slim stools is a clever way to make your kitchen appear larger than it is. Don’t waste any space beneath the breakfast bar either. Additional cupboards can be fitted here, and if you can, make them deep enough to fit your bulky kitchen items such as pots and pans. If you have room for an island, don’t shy away from this - although it will eat into your floor space it can offer additional storage space, extra surface area for food preparation and a dining area for your family to eat their evening meal together.


Make drawers and cupboards deep enough to store your bulky kitchen items

The enemy of a small kitchen is the blind corner cabinet - a waste of space and difficult to utilise for their full storage capacity. The solution is half-moon shaped shelves that swivel and pull out, making the most of the entire cupboard space.


Integrated appliances can be designed into your handmade kitchen, and choosing items like a slim fit dishwasher, a single bowl sink and a shallow depth fridge could free up more space than you realise.


If you have your heart set on a range cooker but have limited space available, choose a smaller 90cm twin oven model – that way you’ll still have the flexibility of a range cooker without taking up too much space. If your cabinets are a light colour, choose a range cooker in a similar shade as this will make the room appear bigger.  Opt for a model with a storage compartment, which will come in useful for storing all your bulky baking trays.


Space-saving ideas can be implemented throughout the kitchen. Instead of radiators taking up precious wall space, try underfloor heating. Reflective flooring or under cabinet lighting will cheat the eye into seeing a larger space, as will glossy units. Your colour scheme should be simple, using light colours where possible, and the lighting should be carefully planned to make the most of your kitchen; keeping the room airy and filled with light.


Any small kitchen can truly become the heart of the home with clever storage, lighting and a few creative design ideas!

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