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Cook the perfect roast...with the Delphi's meat probe

28TH JUNE 2013
Range cooker with a meat probe The meat probe is controlled through the Delphi's programmable clock.

Would you like a helping hand to cook your Sunday roast? Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook a joint of meat, just how you like it – without having to check on it every half hour?

Have you considered a range cooker with a meat probe? Our Delphi range cookers feature a programmable meat probe, which helps you to achieve professional results in the kitchen without any guesswork.

Family cooking

A meat probe features in the main 60cm oven (or the 90cm oven on single models) and will help you cook family-sized joints of meat (up to 2.5kg) to your taste.
The probe inserts into the side of the oven cavity and is controlled through the range cooker’s programmable clock. It works by measuring the temperature inside the meat. You set the desired core temperature based on your preferred result, for example a core temp of 63˚C will result in a medium rare topside of beef, while 85˚C should produce a cooked through deboned leg of pork.


Once you’ve set the temperature, there’s no need to return to the oven or remove the meat until it is fully cooked. It really is a truly convenient method of cooking!
The meat probe programme is based on temperature; not time. When you use the device, the cooker’s clock fascia will display two temperatures; one showing the temperature registered by the probe, and one showing the desired core temperature. Once the temperature measured by the probe reaches the desired set temperature, the oven switches off and your meat is ready to serve.
What’s great about the probe is your meat can then be served straight away. There is no need to let it rest before carving as the joint is cooked at a lower temperature than when you roast in the traditional way.
Range cooker with a rotisserie

If you prefer a roast chicken for your Sunday dinner, you might want to look for a range cooker with a rotisserie. All our range cookers feature a rotisserie, apart from the 120cm and 90cm single oven models.


By Karen Howarth

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