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5 tops tips for choosing an all-electric range cooker

5 tops tips for choosing an all-electric range cooker


Are you looking for an all-electric range cooker? Did you know that all of our range cookers are available with induction hobs? (Apart from 120cm models.)

When choosing an all-electric range cooker, there are two hob options to choose from; ceramic and induction. If you're wondering how to choose between the two, have a read of our popular blog post: induction or ceramic range cookers – how should you choose? We have developed our new collection of range cookers to make induction accessible to all.

Here's our top reasons for choosing an induction range cooker:

Efficiency When cooking with induction, heat is only generated through the area that’s actually touching the pan – so it’s more efficient than gas or ceramic cooking.

Speed It takes just five minutes to boil two pints of water on an induction hob, compared to nine minutes on a gas hob or 11 minutes on ceramic.

Safety Britannia induction hobs feature a built-in child lock, which stops any induction cooking zones being switched on accidentally. They also feature a residual heat indicator to let you know if any heat remains after cooking. What’s more, our induction zones reduce power automatically if a pan overheats.

Easy cleaning No-one enjoys cleaning their cooker - but choosing an all-electric range cooker makes this task a little easier. An induction hob can be wiped clean with relative ease allowing you to spend more time creating tasty dishes, and less time cleaning! 

Case study If you're still not sure whether an all-electric range cooker is for you,  take a look at this case study featuring a stainless steel Q Line range cooker. The clean lines of the Q Line complement the grey Shaker cabinets to create a stylish, contemporary kitchen. You can take a closer look at the full selection of Britannia induction range cookers here.

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