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Buyers Guide To Choosing Your Ideal Range Cooker

Where do you start when choosing a range cooker? There are so many options to consider; from the type of fuel you want to cook with, to the size, to the design style and that’s before you have chosen the all-important colour!

We recognise this is an exciting task, but with so many different options to choose from, we have built a Buyers Guide to help answer all your questions and lead you to the cooker of your dreams…

Click here to access our comprehensive Buyers Guide and start turning your dreams into reality. It contains lots of useful information on cooking features, energy ratings, cleaning and safety aspects to help decide which range cooker best suits your requirements.

You will soon be confident in choosing the perfect range cooker to inspire your cooking creativity.

If you still can’t decide, or have any specific questions, you can always call our helpful team on 0800 073 1003 who will be happy to give you some further guidance.

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