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Buy Your Range Cooker Before Christmas

It’s peak season for range cookers with many people trying to have their new kitchen finished before Christmas. What are the important features and oven functions to look out for to make sure you buy the right cooker for your Christmas dinner?

Our top three features:

1.    Oven capacity: If you are cooking a Christmas meal for about 12 people and you are preparing a 20lb (9kg) turkey, then you will need an oven capacity of at least 50 litres.

2.    Telescopic shelves: These shelves slide out and provide a safe way to baste and check your turkey.

3.    Electronic programmer: Let the programmer switch your oven on and off, while you relax and enjoy your aperitif!

The five most important oven functions your range cooker should have for Christmas:

1.    True fan function – this function allows you to batch bake mince pies or meringues (as the temperature is the same throughout the oven)

2.    Conventional function – this is the best function for slow cooking fruit cakes as it keeps the cake moist

3.    Fan assisted oven function – great for the roast potatoes and parsnips

4.    Fan assisted grilling – you only need to turn and baste your sausages once – so it’s ideal for preparing a family breakfast

5.    Bottom element only function – this function allows gentle simmering, so it’s ideal for a casserole on Boxing Day.

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