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Trend in Focus: #CraftyKitchen

All month we have been asking to see your crafty and creative dishes, but a kitchen is not just for cooking, it can be the centre of all types of creativity.
For the most creative home-owners, why not decorate your kitchen to show off your home-made talent: let your retro sewing machine take pride of place and display a range of accessories such as bunting, pin cushions and patterned table runners.
If you’re more of an artist, then paintbrushes, crayons and inks should all be close by in the crafty kitchen, as food and art go hand in hand all year round. Easter is painting eggs, summer is painting flower vases, and Christmas is making decorations, so there is always a moment to combine a love of craft and cooking.
And nothing demonstrates that more than this wonderful Jackson Pollock-inspired range cooker! A one-off piece to showcase how a cooker can be stylish as well as functional. Our Wyre range cooker is perfect for anyone creative in the kitchen - with or without the paint.
Why not pick your range cooker from your nearest Britannia dealer then use our Colourange service to choose a colour that will be your very own colourful culinary masterpiece.

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