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Britannia survey proves size does matter

Britannia survey proves size does matter


Consumers are being held back from entertaining at home as their fridges and freezers aren’t big enough. Results from a recent survey we carried out have revealed that just seven per cent of people entertain guests at home more than once a week and 42 per cent would buy fresh food more often if they had a larger capacity appliance.

Currently, the majority of people (39 per cent) entertain guests at home once per month and around half (49 per cent) of those surveyed would shop less frequently if they had more space to cool or freeze their food. The survey of 2,322 people revealed that more than a third (35 per cent) cook for four or more people daily, proving that capacity is key.

We know that upsizing an appliance can be difficult for some as they don’t necessarily have the space or budget to accommodate the purchase. However, with modern advancements in storage configuration, food preservation technology and energy efficiencies, standard-sized models can offer maximized capacities.

There’s also been plenty of developments in design, so consumers can inject some personality into their kitchen, without too much upheaval.

This survey revealed some interesting results and as people continue to buy in to the benefits of buying and eating fresh, they need the appliances to support that aim!

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