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Britannia - Range Cooker Specialist Manages Leads With Salesforce


Leading range cooker specialist Britannia has recently implemented the lead management tool “Salesforce”. The software allows Britannia to manage leads generated by its advertising campaigns more efficiently and more effectively.

“Salesforce” allows Britannia to download brochure requests directly from its website. It also facilitates automatic e-mailing and e-mail campaigns. It also allows leads to be allocated to account managers who can now keep in touch with consumers who are looking to buy a range cooker in the next few months.

Henneke Duistermaat, Director of Marketing at Britannia, comments:  “I am delighted with the implementation of Salesforce. It allows us to use our leads more effectively. For the first time we have been able to measure the quality of our leads and the conversion of leads into sales. It is fantastic to find out that the leads generated by our marketing campaigns are so good. We convert a lot more of them into sales than we had estimated.” is the UK's Leading CRM Software-as-a-Service. For more information visit

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