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Britannia makes a splash with Colourange

Britannia makes a splash with Colourange

6TH MAY 2014

We're thrilled have cut the cost of our unique Colourange colour-matching service by half, making bespoke range cookers more accessible than ever before.

Michael Haigh, marketing manager at Britannia comments: “Offering a variety of colour and style options is something we are extremely passionate about at Britannia. We don’t want there to be any limitations when it comes to supplying our customers with the right finish for their home.

“We are confident that by opening this service up to a wider audience, we will make a real splash in the range cooker market and no doubt introduce brightly coloured range cookers into yet more homes up and down the country!”

Colourange is a unique colour matching service which allows customers to specify exactly what colour they would like for their Britannia range cooker. It is available across all of Britannia’s range cooker families: the Delphi, Fleet, Q-Line and Wyre. Buyers simply need to send a sample of their desired colour and Britannia will custom-finish the range cooker that perfectly complements their lifestyle.

Check out our interactive Colourange page where you can choose your perfect colour range cooker here.