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Britannia Adds Accessories To Range

10TH JUNE 2008

Range cooker specialist Britannia has launched new accessories to complement its range cookers.

The new range includes an E-cloth® kitchen pack which provides smear-free cleaning without the use of chemicals. It is perfect for cleaning stainless steel, glass and coloured range cooker surfaces.

Bake-O-Glide™ designed an exclusive liner for to help keep the Chef Top looking pristine. The Chef Top is a unique stainless steel hotplate available on all Britannia range cookers and is ideal to prepare anything from a full English breakfast to stir fries, steak and fish. The Chef Top liner has a non-slip backing and easy to clean surface making cooking on your Britannia range cooker an even greater pleasure.

Designed to perfectly fit the Britannia range cooker ovens and grill trays, the Bake-O-Glide™ oven tray liners make cleaning effortless. The oven tray liners can be used for everything from roast potatoes to pizzas and meringues for trouble-free cooking with your range cooker. They are also ideal for use with the Britannia rotisserie. The oven tray liners are available in sets for all Britannia range cooker sizes (including the most popular 100cm range cookers and 90cm range cookers) and also as a separate liner for Britannia XG range cooker grill trays.

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