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Better Breakfast Month


Are you one of those people who wake up last minute, skip breakfast or grab a quick bacon butty on your run to the office? Time to break that unhealthy routine! Skipping breakfast makes you crash half-way through the morning and often makes you crave unhealthy foods. An unhealthy breakfast, sets you off for an unhealthy day.

The good news is, it’s Better Breakfast Month this September, the perfect excuse to try and adopt a healthier breakfast routine.

Why not commit to having a healthy breakfast every day over September? Or even just a week, to see how it goes. Your energy levels will improve, your cravings for sugary foods will reduce and you will be able to tackle your day with a more positive attitude.

Here are six quick and easy recipe ideas to get you started.

Greek yoghurt topped with fresh fruit and nuts

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. Yoghurt and nuts are great sources of protein, which will keep you full for a long time. The fruit provides you with some fibre for good measure. This is a wholesome, nutritious breakfast, which you can easily have at your desk, so no need to set your alarm earlier.

If you can’t deal with the sour taste of the yoghurt well, add a little bit of honey.

Scrambled eggs (or tofu) on wholemeal toast

Are you a morning person? Then why not wake up a little earlier to cook yourself some healthy and nutritious scrambled eggs or tofu? This breakfast provides you all the energy you need to tackle a long day at work, as it features both protein and carbohydrates. To make it even healthier, why not use coconut oil as a spread on the toast?If you get bored of this simple recipe, you can spice it up by adding veggies, salad leaves or herbs.


And of course, a classic - porridge. If you opt for whole rolled oats and use half milk, half water, this carby and hearty breakfast can be very healthy too. Sweet or savoury, this traditional breakfast is an all-time favourite for many Brits. And the best bit is, you can easily make it at the office and have it while you check your emails.

You can even top it with some mixed nuts or honey to make it more interesting.

Smoked salmon and cottage cheese

If you work out regularly, you might want to opt for a protein-packed breakfast. Salmon and cottage cheese are both full of amazing nutrients which will help your body repair after intense workouts and keep you full for the whole morning.

If you fancy it, you can even add a slice of wholemeal bread to add some carbs.

Avocado on wholemeal toast

This is one of our favourites. It’s a very quick and simple breakfast to make, even on the go. Avocados are full of healthy fats and protein, and they taste fantastic too. We like it with a sprinkle of salt and pepper on top, no butter.

You can even top it up with a poached egg for a protein boost.

Berry smoothie

If you feel like a zombie in the morning, this is the one for you. Nothing’s easier than chucking a lot of frozen fruit into a mixer. Mix berries, banana, chia seeds and coconut milk and you’ll be left with a sweet, healthy drink to enjoy on your way to work. This breakfast is great for those warm summer mornings, when you don’t feel like having any solid food.

If you’re heading to the gym first thing in the morning, you can add some protein powder to the smoothie, so you can drink it post-workout.

Need some extra motivation to keep the new habit going? Why not check out the dedicated hashtag on Twitter - #BetterBreakfastMonth - it will be running right through the month of September?

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