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Autumn Food Trends & How to Make Them At Home

Autumn Food Trends & How to Make Them At Home


From the unicorn latte to charcoal ice-cream, 2017 has thrown some pretty wild food trends our way. As we head into the last few months of the year, there are still plenty of trends to explore before we ring in 2018.

Here are the top food trends for autumn and winter, along with our top tips for recreating them at home.  

Pumpkin Spice

It wouldn’t be autumn without pumpkin-spice everything. From lattes to donuts, this seasonal favourite isn’t a trend as much as it is a yearly staple. Although there isn’t much of a pumpkin-spice craze anywhere outside of the USA, it does make for a delicious pie with just the right amount of seasonal spice.

Top tips:

  • Mixed spice, also known as pudding spice, has a very similar spice combination to pumpkin spice. Make sure to stock up on this to give your pumpkin pie an authentic taste!

  • Pumpkin pies are more like a tart rather than a pie. If you have a multifunctional oven, make sure you cook your tart using the bottom element only to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom.

Purple Potato

Move over sweet potatoes, your time is over. The latest trend for the starchy crop is the purple potato. Already a popular choice in South America, these spuds contain 4 times the antioxidants of your standard potato. The pigment that gives these spuds their vibrant colour acts as an antioxidant too.

Top tips:

  • Combine purple potatoes with another food trend for the season, by roasting them with garlic, rosemary and turmeric.

  • These potatoes are a lot milder in flavour than other varieties, so make sure you stock up on plenty of herbs and spices to liven them up.


Emerging from the zero-waste living trend that made headlines earlier on in the year – and is hopefully here to stay – root-to-stem cooking means that you use the parts of a fruit or vegetable that you would normally throw away. Restaurants have been jumping on this trend too, by creating everything from leftover dripping as a butter alternative, to liqueur made from banana skins.

Top tips:

  • Start by using vegetable scraps to make a stock that you can freeze and use as a base for broths and sauces – you can even add in some chicken bones for a meaty flavour.

  • Get creative. Beetroot leaves can be used to create a delicious green pesto, whilst pickled watermelon rinds can really liven up a goat’s cheese salad.

Sourdough Bread

Flying in the face of the gluten-free trend, sourdough is proving to be the best thing since sliced bread. Popping up in trendy restaurants and bakeries nationwide, its tangy flavour and chewy texture have won over the masses. Because it requires only four ingredients to make, this autumn food trend should be a walk in the park for any home baker that knows their bread.

Top tips:

  • You’ll need a sourdough starter – a cultivation of wild yeast that acts as a rising agent. You won’t find this in your supermarket but don’t worry as this is quite easy to make with flour, water and a bit of patience.

  • If you want to change how sour your bread will be, then experiment with different rising times – a 24-hour rise will lead to a sourer taste than a 4-hour rise.​


Lavender lattes, rose lemonade and elderflower panna cottas will provide a fresh contrast to the more overpowering flavours we have come to expect from autumn food. Proving that florals aren’t just for spring, they add a sophisticated twist to any dessert.

Top tips:

  • Florals can be a difficult flavour to balance. Use too little and the flavour won’t come through, but use too much and your dish will taste like potpourri. To avoid either outcome, make sure that you taste your dish as you’re cooking.

  • Fresh florals can be costly because they don’t last for very long. For a more cost-effective option try using essential oils – they will give dishes the same flavour and have a longer shelf life.

Recreating food trends at home requires a truly multifunctional oven, which is why Britannia Range cookers come equipped with nine oven functions. Know a food trend that everyone should be trying this season? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.