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A rotisserie is for more than just chicken

31ST AUGUST 2011
Here we present 5 delicious alternatives to inspire your cooking. As a guide, most meats will require about 15 minutes per 450g at 200°C. The rotisserie can bear a maximum weight of 3.5 kg (8lb). Always check that food is thoroughly cooked.

1. Duck
Flavour the duck with thyme, orange and garlic and serve with Grand Marnier jus. Read our recipe here or have a look at our video:

Extra tip: prick the skin of the duck with a fork and then brush with salted water – this allows the fat to drain from the duck and it ensures the skin will be crispy.

2. Pheasant
Pheasant is a low fat meat. To prevent the meat drying out, thread a few lardons into the skin especially around the breast. This adds a nice flavour, too.

3. Lamb
Ask your butcher to de-bone a shoulder or leg of lamb. Flatten the meat, flavour it with garlic and rosemary. Roll the meat and tie with a string. Great with a red wine sauce!

4. Pork
Use a de-boned leg of pork. Flatten the meat and flavour with apricots and thyme or apple and raisins. Serve with apple sauce.

5. Venison
Again, you need to use a de-boned leg. Flavour with crushed juniper berries, rosemary and garlic. Serve with port sauce and try adding a few juniper berries to the sauce.

Bonus tip from our Home Economist:
Add chunks of potato (or vegetables) around the edges of the grill pan below the meat. As it takes a while before the fat of the meat will drip in the grill pan, you should drizzle the potatoes with a little oil. When the meat is cooked, leave it out of the oven to rest. Move the grill pan with potato or vegetable chunks up to the 2nd shelf position from the top. Leave the grill on at 200°C and cook the potatoes for a further 20 minutes or until nice and crisp.


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