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9 must-know differences between Sigma XG and E Line XG range cookers

The Sigma XG and E Line XG have the same oven functions and both feature a separate grill compartment. The build quality of both is unmistakably Britannia. So, why would you opt for a Sigma XG rather than an E Line XG? Below we list the main differences between the two.


1. The hob of the Sigma XG range cooker has individual pan supports – these are much easier to clean under a tap. The E Line pan supports are bigger as they cover two burners.
2. The hob of the Sigma XG range cooker has spillage wells – if something boils over, you don’t have to clean the whole hob. E Line XG range cookers, however, have a one-piece pressing - some people find this easier to clean.
3. Sigma XG cookers have stay-clean liners in the roof, back and sides of the ovens. Moreover, the separate grill compartment of the Sigma XG has a stay-clean roof liner. Stay-clean liners help keep your oven like new (simply heat the oven to maximum temperature for 45 minutes from time to time). Stay-clean liners are an optional extra for the E Line XG.
4. The ovens of a Sigma XG range cooker are A rated (the doors are triple glazed). E Line ovens (with double glazed doors) are B rated for energy efficiency.
5. The Sigma XG has a drawer for storage.  The E Line XG range cooker doesn’t have any storage area.
6. The hob of the 100cm Sigma XG range cooker is a full-width hob and the hob option with 6 burners has two triple-ring wok burners. The E Line XG range cooker hob is similar to the hob of the 90cm E Line (it has only one triple-ring burner).
7. E Line range cookers are available in gloss black and stainless steel. The Sigma XG is available in cream, too. What’s more, Colourange allows you to have your Sigma XG custom-finished in any colour you can dream of!
8. There are more hob options for Sigma XG range cookers: if you like the Chef Top (a stainless steel hotplate suitable for anything from breakfast foods to fish, meat and stir-fries), then go for the Sigma XG. Also, if you would like an all electric range cooker, then the Sigma XG has a choice of ceramic or induction hobs.
9. Lastly, if you are looking for a 110cm range cooker, then you have to opt for a Sigma XG. The 110cm hob has 6 burners plus a Chef Top for maximum cooking versatility.

Should you go for an E Line XG or Sigma XG range cooker? It’s up to you. The E Line is more competitively priced, but the Sigma XG is easier to clean, has a handy storage compartment and is A rated. And we think it looks better, too!

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