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8 tips for creating a canopy above your range cooker

1ST JUNE 2011
Canopy housing can be a great feature in a traditional kitchen and it makes your range cooker stand-out. Here are eight suggestions for making your kitchen design a success.

1. To allow enough space for cooking, and for safety, the space above the hob and below the canopy housing should be at least 650mm.

2. Again for safety reasons: if the canopy housing is made of combustible material, you need at least 75mm between the hob and the sides (and back) of the canopy housing. More space at either side of the range cooker would be better, especially for pans with long handles.

3. It is also good to have some work surface just outside the canopy housing, so that you can put a hot dish down (when you take it from the oven). This also allows you to have some cooking ingredients to hand.

4. Make sure that your canopy hood has enough extraction power to remove smells from your kitchen. Britannia recommends an extraction rate of at least 750m3/h.

5. It’s always better if your hood is ducted out. This means that condensation, fumes and odours are removed to the outside. The shorter the ducting and the fewer the bends in the ducting, the better the extraction performance. Click here to find out more about ducting.

6. Using tiles as a splash back offers endless possibilities. You can choose between a pattern and one background colour. Keep in mind that a pattern will draw more attention to the tiles and may distract from the range cooker and the canopy design.

7. Choose a range cooker that suits the style of your kitchen.

8. Consider a contrasting colour for your range cooker. See how the range cooker in graphite stands out against the light kitchen doors?

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