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8 points to consider when choosing between all electric and dual fuel range cookers

17TH JULY 2011
electric or dual fuel range cookers

Dual fuel continues to be the most popular choice for range cookers. However, “all electric” range cookers have become more popular since induction hobs were introduced. So, what should you consider if you're not sure about all electric or dual fuel range cookers?

1. The look

For most people this is important when choosing between an induction or gas hob for their range cooker. Do you like the sleek appearance of an electric hob, or do you prefer “the real look” of a dual fuel hob? It’s really a matter of personal taste.

2. A messy cook?

Do you make a lot of mess when cooking? Does something always boil over? And do you hate cleaning? You're not the only one! If you're a “messy cook” and you hate cleaning, consider an electric hob for your range cooker; it's so much easier to keep clean.

3. Patience

Are you impatient when it comes to cooking? Do you find yourself staring into a pan of water waiting for it to finally boil? An induction hob provides the fastest way of cooking. It only takes 5 minutes to boil two pints of water when using the booster function of an induction zone. It will take about 9 minutes on a gas burner and 11 minutes on a ceramic zone.

4. Wok cooking

You can use a flat bottomed wok on an electric hob or a dual fuel hob. However, round bottomed woks can only be used on gas burners.

5. Chef Top

The Chef Top is a stainless steel hotplate that is suitable for preparing anything from a full English breakfast to stir fries, steak or salmon. Anything that you prepare under a grill, in a wok or in a frying pan, can be cooked on the Chef Top. The Chef Top is only available on a gas hob.

6. Mains gas

Many people think that they have to get an all electric range cooker if there is no mains gas available, but all our gas hobs are convertible for use with bottled gas. Read our guide to find out more about LPG range cookers.

7. Heat in the kitchen

Is the kitchen sometimes getting a bit too hot when you're cooking? Induction cooking is really efficient, and there is less loss of heat when cooking. If you find things heating up a bit too much in the kitchen, consider a range cooker with an induction hob.

8. Your favourite pans

Induction hobs require pans with flat bases. If the bottom of your pan is not clean, then it can scratch the glass hob. Induction also requires pans with a magnetic base. To test whether your pan is suitable for an induction hob, hold a magnet to the middle of the base. If it sticks, the pan is suitable.
So, dual fuel or all electric? Which do you think looks better? Are you keen on having a Chef Top? And what do you think about cleaning your hob? The choice is really up to you.

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