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6 questions about range cookers with a rotisserie

A rotisserie is a great oven feature. Once you have used it, you will never want a range cooker without one again. Have you never used a rotisserie? Here's some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our range cookers with a rotisserie...

1. Does the rotisserie splash and make your oven dirty?
It doesn’t splash, because the spit turns around slowly. The fat will drip in the tray below. If you put a baking sheet in the tray, then there is really not much cleaning to do! Have a look at our video:

2. What is the advantage of using a rotisserie compared to roasting?
Using a rotisserie is slightly faster than roasting. Also, because the spit turns around, there is no need to turn and baste the meat. The rotisserie cooks meat to succulent perfection!

3. Which oven elements are used for the rotisserie?
The rotisserie uses the grill element. Thanks to the turning of the spit, the meat will be cooked evenly.

4. Is a rotisserie just for chicken?
No, you can also cook game, duck or leg of pork or lamb. Click here for a recipe for “Crispy duck with Grand Marnier jus” made using the rotisserie.

5. Which Britannia range cookers feature a rotisserie?
With the exception of 90cm single range cookers and 120cm double oven range cookers, all Britannia range cookers feature a rotisserie. As a guide, most meats will require about 15 minutes per 450g at 200°C. The rotisserie can bear a maximum weight of 3.5 kg (8lb). The rotisserie is featured in the smaller oven of each range cooker.

6. Can you cook something else in a rotisserie oven?
Each Britannia oven that features a rotisserie can be used as a conventional oven or just for grilling.

Is a rotisserie really that good? It’s definitely a favourite of top chef Tim Hughes. Read more how Tim uses his rotisserie here.

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