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6 common mistakes when choosing a range cooker


You know that awful feeling when you realise you have made a mistake?

You’ve bought something that really looked great in the shop. Maybe it was a new pair of quite expensive shoes. You were absolutely sure that they would go with your favourite dress (or suit) and they seemed comfortable, but then when you got home…

How can you make sure you are not disappointed when your new range cooker arrives?

Here are 6 mistakes that you definitely want to avoid.

1. Buying a 90cm range cooker when you actually have enough space to fit a 100cm range cooker. The difference between a 90cm and 100cm range cooker is bigger than you think. So if you are planning a new kitchen, do consider going for a 100cm cooker.

2. Not considering the depth of the cooker. Britannia range cookers have a standard depth of 60cm – some other range cookers are deeper (and may stick out).

3. Not checking the space required between the sides of the cooker and the cabinets. This is not the same for all brands. And if your range cooker is closer to the cabinets than recommended, there is a risk of damage. Britannia range cookers require a gap of only 2.5mm.

4. Choosing a range cooker colour that doesn’t match your cabinets. This especially can go wrong when choosing a cream range cooker for a cream kitchen. Make sure you get a colour swatch so you can check the colour!

5. Not comparing running costs. The difference between a heat storage cooker (that is on all the time) and a conventional range cooker can be considerable. Make sure you get accurate calculations to compare.

6. Not investigating durability. You can check the build quality of a range cooker by opening and shutting its doors. How does it feel? Also, ask your retailer for advice – have they experienced a lot of service issues?

Hopefully this will help you choose your range cooker more wisely. Have we missed anything? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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