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5 ways to save money by choosing a different range cooker

7TH JUNE 2011

You may or may not have used our 16 point checklist when you decided which range cooker to buy. You may have found the range cooker you really want, but you think it’s too expensive (or probably it’s your partner who thinks so). Here are five ideas for reducing the cost of your range cooker.

1. Go for a range cooker without a separate grill compartment
You may not need a separate grill compartment as many ovens have an integral grill (this means grilling is one of the functions of the oven). The advantage of this can be that fan assisted grilling is also offered. Fan assisted grilling makes it easier to grill meat such as sausages or lamb chops, as you only need to turn and baste once. You could also consider a range cooker with a stainless steel hotplate. Anything you would usually grill, can be made on a stainless steel hotplate: a full breakfast (you can even make your toast on it), steak, salmon, a vegetable stir fry – the options are endless!

2. Consider a smaller range cooker
Sometimes you can save money by going one size smaller, but do check the oven sizes and make sure you do get the oven capacity you need.

3. Try finding a lower specification model
Does the same manufacturer provide a lower spec model? What are the differences? Consider whether you really need the features of the more expensive model.

4. Buy an ex-display model
From time to time showrooms look to re-fresh their display. Ask your kitchen specialist whether they would consider selling the range cooker they have on display.

5. Save money elsewhere
Could you save some money on your kitchen or on other appliances in your kitchen? If you get a new kitchen, then the range cooker is the most important purchase (I know – of course we would say so, but don’t you think this is the case?). Maybe you should consider your budget allocation.

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