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5 Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed

5 Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed


Does your kitchen need a bit of an update? Gone are the days when a decent coffee maker was the ultimate kitchen gadget. Advances in technology are creeping into our kitchens and making them smarter and more efficient.

You may have coped without these kitchen appliances until now, but these clever gadgets are game-changers whether you’re the chef of the house, the hostess with the mostest, or the family fitness fanatic.

For instant boiling water

They say “a watched pot never boils”. While this is thankfully not usually the case, waiting for the kettle to boil can feel like an awfully long time, especially if you’re trying to get back to the sofa before you miss the start of a movie.

The solution? A boiling water tap. There’ll be no more hovering at the kitchen counter waiting for hot water; with a boiling water tap, hot water is available on demand. Boiling water taps are installed over your sink – just like a normal tap – and work the same way. Turn it on and experience cup-of-tea-ready hot water, dispensed from an insulated tank which heats the water and maintains it at boiling temperature.

For the perfect roast

The roast dinner is the quintessential British comfort food. Being able to cook a great roast is an impressive skill and is sure to wow any Sunday visitors.

Take your roast dinners to the next level with a rotisserie. You’ve seen them at food festivals and hot counters, and now you can bring one into your own kitchen with a modern range cooker.

A rotisserie will cook your roast in 20 per cent less time than traditional roasting methods. As the meat turns slowly under the grill element, it cooks evenly all the way through, crisping up deliciously on the outside. Say goodbye to mess and basting, as juices will disperse through the meat without your help, with any excess dripping into the tray below.

Selected range cookers from Britannia Living include a rotisserie feature, for that perfect roast.

For super soups and smoothies

The humble blender is being edged out by a tougher and faster appliance. It’s still a blender, but gone are the days of jammed ice cubes and lumpy bits.

Buying a blender used to be a simple affair with little variety in what different brands had to offer. Now ‘blender’ is a bit of an umbrella term for smoothie makers, soup makers and juicers – some even promise to do all of the above.

Whether you’re in the market for a single-person blender, which blends directly into a one-portion container, or an all-blitzing, heating and milling machine, there’s a blender to suit your needs.

Perhaps the most impressive, the Vitamix, carries a hefty price tag but works like a trooper. With a seven-year warranty and blades that can move so fast, the friction alone acts as a heating element – if desired – this blender can handle anything from a simple vegetable soup to your pre-gym green smoothie, and can mill nuts and crush ice without flinching.

For the wine connoisseur

Fancy yourself as the perfect dinner-party host? Know your way around a wine shop? You might imagine owning a wine cellar to involve digging up the foundations of your home, but there is a way to install one into your kitchen with absolutely no construction work at all.

If you want to enjoy wine at its best, it should be preserved at the right temperature and humidity. With a wine cellar, you can control these conditions to ensure you get the perfect tipple every time.

This Stoves wine cooler may look like a miniature fridge, but this fridge is solely for wine and will maintain two different temperatures in its separate compartments, allowing you to store red and white wine alongside one another.

For the breakfast of champions

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast in bed is undoubtedly the key to anyone’s heart, while a classic fry-up can cure even the worst Sunday-morning headaches. So, how does one make breakfast even better? With a breakfast-maker, of course.

There are plenty of variations of this genius little gadget that allows you to cook all the components of your breakfast in one place. From mini hot-plates for frying eggs and bacon, to a built-in coffee pot, the right breakfast maker will toast, fry, grill and brew to your heart’s content and make getting up in the morning your favourite part of the day.

For your dream kitchen

At Britannia Living, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our kitchens. Take a look at our other blog posts to discover the latest kitchen design trends and well as recipes and cooking tips.