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3 types of cooker hood to go with your range cooker


Are you concerned about smells in your kitchen? Make sure you select a cooker hood with a high extraction rate (at least 750 m3/h). Here we describe the main three types of cooker hoods that you should consider.

1. Canopy hoods
These hoods are hidden away in the base of canopy housing or overhead cupboards. Britannia offers the Intimo and Vivace canopy hoods. Intimo features ASC (Advanced Sensor Control) – which means that you can operate it fully automatically. It has a maximum extraction rate of 750 m3/h. The Vivace is Britannia’s most powerful hood – it has a maximum extraction rate of 1,600 m3/h. Both hoods are suitable for ducting out, and the Intimo is also available for recycling. If possible, we always recommend ducting out as ducted hoods perform better.

2. Chimney hoods
Chimney (or wall-mounted) hoods are installed against a wall. Britannia offers a variety of styles, sizes and colours to match your range cooker.
The Legato and Omaggio hoods are especially suitable for tall people. Their sweeping curves make it more difficult to bump your head!
All Britannia wall-mounted hoods are designed for ducting out or recycling.

3. Island cooker hoods
If your range cooker is installed in a kitchen island, then an island hood is your obvious choice. Britannia’s Spiritoso and Arioso island hoods are available in a selection of colours and sizes to match your range cooker.

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