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3 timeless range cooker colours (plus one new option) to suit a painted kitchen


Kitchen trends come and go, but painted cabinetry (especially with shaker or flat doors) has survived changing fashions. Their simple lines and often neutral colours have been a winning combination in many kitchens for decades.

Colours for a timeless kitchen

If you want your kitchen to last for many years without looking dated, how do you choose the colour for your cabinets and your range cooker?

You should probably choose your cabinet colour first. After all, the cabinets represent the largest visual space in your kitchen.

Grey hues, tints of white and shades of cream are classic choices for your cabinets. They are neutral enough to withstand fashion trends.

What range cooker colour will look good? Stainless steel matches painted cabinets well, while gloss black provides a contrasting look. Graphite is a great choice as its matt finish complements the paint look of the kitchen.

Vanilla Matt: a new option

Vanilla Matt has just been added to Britannia’s range. Vanilla Matt is a very light cream colour in a matt finish: Perfect for complementing any shade of grey or cream!

To read more about Vanilla Matt range cookers, go to: Sigma Editions: two extra colours for Britannia’s favourite range cooker

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