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3 options for a splashback for your range cooker plus one way to cheat (and not to bump your head)…

26TH APRIL 2011

When designing your kitchen, did you really think about your splashback or was it a last minute decision? They do make a difference to your kitchen!

The most common splashback is probably tiles. The options for tiles are endless, from a neutral background in one colour that makes your range cooker stand out, to a colourful pattern that attracts a bit more attention. Often the tiles continue above the work surface creating a uniform background area in the kitchen.


An alternative to tiles is a stainless steel back panel – a more modern option. Usually the back panel will be the same width as the range cooker and the cooker hood. It looks especially good when the hob is stainless steel (as for all Britannia range cookers) creating a nice feature of your cooker, splashback and hood.


What about glass back panels? These are the easiest to clean and they are available in a selection of colours.

Some kitchen specialists offer the option of creating a custom-made splashback that covers the whole area above the work surface.


Lastly (and it’s not really cheating of course), you can buy cooker hoods that are a back splash and hood in one. They can create a great focal point in your kitchen. And thanks to their curved lines, the added advantage is that you don’t bump you head! Have a look at our stainless steel Legato, or our modern Omaggio hood, which is available in black or white.


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