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10 ways to achieve your 2017 kitchen dreams

10 ways to achieve your 2017 kitchen dreams


Dreaming of a kitchen revamp? Want to replace your tired kitchen with the fresh new styles that will be all the rage in 2017 but can’t face the chaos and mess of a refit? Have a look at these 10 easy ways you can achieve your 2017 dream. These tips will get your kitchen on-trend without putting you and your family through the hassle of a major overhaul.

Natural textures, earthy tones and repurposed materials are the direction to go in, and a lot of these small changes work with each other to create stunning styles.

Open Shelving:

Open shelving won’t go out of fashion, so you can never go wrong adding more storage to the walls where you can. Rustic looks are all over the 2017 predictions, with terracotta making a big comeback (we’ll come to that later). Create a homely vibe with by using repurposed wood shelving and vintage metal work; this look is fashionable and environmentally friendly- what’s not to love?


Once you’ve created your rustic open shelving, use it to display plants that will brighten up your kitchen. Indoor plants allow you to add a splash of colour and simultaneously improve the air quality in the centre of your home.

Natural Textures:

Get creative with textures. Create a wide textural range by varying the types of plants you place in your kitchen; cacti, ferns, palms and succulents all offer differing textures and these textures, when combined, will  add a certain depth to your decor. The natural texture of the plants will really complement the feel of your repurposed shelving.


Terracotta is in, there have been serious blogging frenzies around terracotta-tiled floors. However, if your style of home is not compatible with a full terracotta floor you don’t have to give up on the look completely. Use simple and traditional terracotta and ceramic pots to house all your new plants.

Hang out:

This feeds into the previous points; why not hang a few of your plants from the ceiling in a hanging planter?  Earthy-chic achieved!

Alternatively, you could hang some of your cookware like a pro-chef. Attaching hooks to the bottom of your new shelves will offer a great way to display your cookware, as well as providing both additional texture and storage.

Industrial Materials:

Industrial materials are in. Metals like steel, cast iron and other repurposed industrial pieces are perfect. Think about other industrial materials such as concrete too.

Add a splash of colour:

Natural is iny; one of the top colours tipped for 2017 is an earthy, deep, dark green. You could team darker colours or white, with a bright colour accent. Add your custom colour splash with our beautiful Colourange collection; which allows you to choose exactly which shade your appliance is, giving you the power to get more creative than ever.

Update Hardware:

A quick, easy way to update your cabinets without going through the mayhem of refitting your whole kitchen, is to switch your handles for new, in keeping with your brand new style.


Swapping out old, tired light fittings for a new style can dramatically change the ambience of your kitchen. Take your lighting changes even further by installing under cabinet lighting to give yourself fresh lighting solutions that will really change how your kitchen looks and feels.

Refresh curtains and blinds:

Redressing your windows can change the feel of a room dramatically. A great way to spruce your kitchen up is to replace your soft furnishings with a fresh look; creating a big change for a small amount of work.

How will you make your kitchen 2017 ready?

Make a few, or all of these small changes and, for barely any work and a fraction of the cost, you’ll feel as though you’ve gained a whole new kitchen.

If you have any creative tips of your own for achieving big changes with a minimal amount of interruption  upload them to our Facebook or Twitter so we can share your ideas.g your kitchen can seem like a big job to take on. Here are 10 ways you can stay on trend in 2017 without going through the hassle of a refit.Updating your kitchen can seem like a big job to take on. Here are 10 ways you can stay on trend in 2017 without going through the hassle of a refit.