Dual fuel range cookers

All the ovens of a Britannia range cooker are electric. However, for each of our models you can choose between an electric induction hob and a traditional gas hob. An electric oven with a gas hob is known as a dual fuel cooker – and offers you the best of both worlds.

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The benefits of dual fuel

A dual fuel cooker combines the ease and convenience of an electric oven with the more traditional look and feel of a gas hob.

An electric oven provides a cleaner and more versatile method of cooking over a gas oven, which is why all Britannia ovens are designed this way. Each of our dual fuel range cookers includes a multi-functional oven, boasting a total of nine cooking functions for unrivalled versatility, as well as Quickstart – a fast oven pre-heating system that brings the temperature to 200°C in just six minutes. Meanwhile the second ovens of a Britannia feature an electric grill and rotisserie, so you can always cook the way you want to.

Britannia gas hobs offer a versatile range of gas burners for your cooking pleasure. The small gas burners are ideal for melting butter or heating small amounts of liquid, while the large burners can be used for heating soups or casseroles. Dual wok burners are great when frying meat or fish, stir-frying vegetables or boiling large amounts of water for pasta.

Choosing your dual fuel range cooker

From compact 90cm dual fuel range cookers, up to the 100cm and 110cm, and the large 120cm model, there is a Britannia to suit any kitchen. All sizes feature six gas burners, including at least one dual wok burner and one large burner. The 120cm model features six burners as well as an electric stainless steel griddle.

A gas hob on a Britannia dual fuel cooker can also be converted for use with bottled gas (LPG). This conversion can take place in the factory as long as it is requested when the range cooker is ordered.

If you are opting for a gas hob to complement a classic kitchen, you may wish to choose one of our traditional range cooker designs. Britannia cookers are also available in a range of colours and finishes, from subtle matt cream to bold gloss red – and remember, the Colourange colour matching service is available if you want a truly unique range cooker.

Britannia's famous build quality comes as standard with all our dual fuel range cookers. Visit your local showroom or call our team to find out more.

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