Britannia Artisan Food Collection

Britannia Artisan Food Collection

Our Artisan Food Collection is a curated list of some of the best local produce from around the British Isles. Each month we will be asking you, the public, to nominate your favourite food and drink from where you live. Those nominations will be shortlisted and the best of these suggestions will be pinned to our map with location details so you can find out how to buy them.

Our map is being curated by food and drink journalist and broadcaster Nigel Barden, a familiar voice on national radio in the UK since the 1990s.

Nigel has spent almost 30 years championing artisan food and drink producers in the UK and can often be found judging food and drink awards around the country. Nigel will be producing a podcast where he will talk about his three favourite entries from each of six regions.

Listen to Nigel Barden’s latest podcast on iTunesSpotify, or search Britannia Artisan Food Collection in your podcast app.

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