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Top Range Cookers of 2010 – Part II – Hob Cooking

Has watching celebrity chefs cook more adventurous dishes on TV encouraged us to experiment a bit more with our hob cooking? From the popularity of our Chef Top feature, you would say so. The Chef Top is a stainless steel hotplate which enables you to prepare several dishes simultaneously.
The all-electric market continues to grow, as we had a record year for sales of cookers with induction hobs. Perhaps due to the growing awareness of the energy saving aspects of induction cooking (and no doubt due to its controllability and ease of cleaning), more and more consumers are opting for a range cooker with an induction hob. The 100cm Sigma (with twin ovens) and 100cm Sigma XG (with a separate grill compartment) in gloss black have proven particularly popular choices for cookers with an induction hob.

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