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8 questions about LPG range cookers

21ST JUNE 2011
All Britannia range cookers can be converted for use with LPG (Calor gas).

LPG remains a popular fuel choice for range cookers as about 2 million households in the UK do not have mains gas. Here we answer eight frequently asked questions about LPG range cookers.

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1. Why do gas burners need different jets for LPG?
The jets transport the gas to the burner. Because LPG gas is supplied at a higher pressure than natural gas, it requires different jets.


2. What is the difference between bottled and mains gas?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) has a higher heating (or calorific) value than natural (or mains) gas.

3. What is the difference between the red and blue gas cylinders?
The red cylinders are filled with propane gas and the blue cylinders with butane. For cooking you need propane gas, which has a lower boiling point than butane. Never connect a blue cylinder to your cooking appliance.

4. And what is the difference between Calor gas and LPG?
There is no difference - Calor gas is a brand name. The bottled gas supplied by Calor gas is LPG.

5. Who can install an LPG range cooker?
Any installer who has a Gas SafeĀ® registration (and has a relevant certificate to work on LPG) can install an LPG range cooker.

Make sure your order specifies "for LPG" and the cooker will be converted for you in the factory.


6. Can all range cookers be adapted to LPG?

This depends on the manufacturer. All Britannia range cookers can be adapted for use with LPG. If your retailer orders an LPG range cooker from us, then the conversion will be done before the range cooker is delivered to you.

7. How long will an LPG cylinder last?
This will depend on your cooking style. If you have a dual fuel range cooker (with electric ovens and a gas hob), then a standard 47kg bottle will last between 3 and 6 months.

8. Is the use of bottled gas safe?
Using propane gas is safe if you follow the guidelines provided by Calor gas. Moreover, all Britannia gas burners are fitted with Flame Failure Devices. If the flame is accidentally extinguished, then the gas supply will be cut off.

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